ACA IDW/ICE: "Open Water" Kayak Instructor Certification


Building off the Basic Coastal curriculum above, Instructor Candidates teach rescues, introductory surfing, and tidal currents courses, on-water navigation and paddling in wind and waves. Site: Suggested conditions for teaching students do not exceed 2 foot waves, 15 knot winds, and no more than 1 mile from shore. Desirable conditions include a protected launch site with access to more open water and variable conditions.

Open Water Instructor candidates should have a broad range of experiences in coastal kayaking before attending the IDW/ICE. To certify, candidates must be competent paddling up to 5-foot seas, winds up to 25 knots, surf up to 3 feet, and tidal currents up to 5 knots. Environmental conditions at the IDW/ICE sites will vary and may or may not include all of the above. The Instructor Trainers will conduct an Open Water Training Exercise in the IDW and the ICE.

In the IDW there will be a three-hour minimum time allowance for the Instructor Candidates to take a leadership role in an open water setting. Typical leadership roles include group management while navigating from one spot to another, directing rescue practice, responding to unexpected scenarios, and dealing with short crossings where boat traffic is present.

In an ICE less direction will be given to the Instructor Candidates as they are put in charge of various portions of the Open Water Training Exercise. Open Water Instructor Candidates must be able to perform the following skills in an open water setting no matter where the IDW and ICE is held: Advanced strokes at the accepted proficiency standard; three (3) consecutive rolls within one minute with at least one (1) from a non-set-up position to demonstrate the paddler is able to roll in variable conditions; advanced deep water rescues and towing off shore; paddling in wind and waves in an open water setting as part of a tour where leadership group management and navigation abilities are applied. Candidates must also demonstrate teaching abilities in classroom, on dry land outdoors and on-water settings. They must also demonstrate working knowledge and ability to teach a variety of topics listed in IDW and ICE.

ACA Open Water Kayak Instructor IDW/ICE

Location : Potomac River, Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean

Prerequisites : Sea Kayak Membership Package (or equivalent)

2019 Dates :

  • TBA - Stay Tuned!

Duration : 6 days

Time : 8:00 AM