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Log in below after purchase and registration to schedule your events. If you skipped registration after purchase, click "Did You Skip Registration After Purchase?" link below to register using the same email you used to pay. Everyone must have a scheduling account and be scheduled. For others you paid for, send them this: link to create their scheduling account. If someone else paid for you, or if you are a Parent or Guardian who needs to register a minor, use appropriate links below. IMPORTANT: Check your spam and filtered folders for password reset emails and add us to approved senders - especially for work accounts. Message or chat with us for support with multiple accounts.

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Did You Skip Registration After Purchase?

Click here if you skipped registration after purchase.

Did Someone Else Pay For You?

Click here if someone else paid for you to create a scheduling account.

Are You A Parent Or Guardian Of A Participant?

Click here if you need to create a scheduling account for a minor.