3-Hour Private Stand Up Paddlling Lesson


If you have schedule constraints that prevent you from attending our weekend classes, or if you've been to classes but could use a concentrated dose of instruction, a three-hour private lesson is just the right amount of time to make some solid progress. Our instructors are patient, mature professionals who can quickly analyze your technique and help you to master skills. Whether you're working on the fundamentals, advanced strokes, moves, surfing, or anything in between, pair up with one of our top instructors and kiss your frustrations goodbye. Remember: private lessons are designed to enhance group instruction, not replace it. Private lessons are available on weekdays. There is a $50 charge if you do not have your own board.

3-Hour Private SUP Lesson

To schedule your private lesson, first make the purchase online. This creates a credit for you in our system.

Then call us at 301-881-2628 or email us at info@potomacpaddlesports.com to set up a time that is convenient for you.