American Canoe Association Whitewater IDW/ICE


The American Canoe Association (ACA) Instructor Training Courses are designed to provide experienced paddlers with the tools needed to share their skills with others. ACA Certification is a two-part process: the Instructor Development Workshop (IDW) is an interactive learning/teaching exercise and the Instructor Certification Exam (ICE) is the formal evaluation of skills.

The IDW focuses on modeling effective instruction of the skills, knowledge, and techniques necessary for successful completion of the ICE (which is primarily an evaluation process). In other words, this first portion is designed to "teach you how to teach whitewater kayaking" and the second portion will test you on your ability to do so. Each candidate will be assigned basic teaching topics and instruction methods. The instructor trainer will then critique candidates on his or her presentation skills, general knowledge, and kayaking ability.

Certification is based upon both paddling and teaching skills and is not guaranteed. The instructor trainer (IT) makes the final determination of whether a candidate may be certified, and if so, at which level: Basic River, Whitewater, or Advanced Whitewater. NOTE: A half-day, pre-IDW workshop will be offered at no charge three weeks prior to the actual IDW/ICE, which will help prepare candidates for the training / certification process.

ACA Whitewater IDW/ICE

Special Note

Ben Lawry (pictured left) will be the Instructor Trainer for this event. Ben has been paddling for over 30 years, and teaching/guiding for over 20. He has taught paddling on five continents and competed on three. Presently he works as head instructor and owner of Kayak Camp with his wife, Elizabeth. He has led trips and traveled extensively in South America, South Africa, Europe and North America. Ben splits his time now teaching paddling and working with stores. His teaching also takes him to symposiums, shows and paddling rendezvous all over the United States. As a brand ambassador, he is involved with kayak design in sea, light touring and racing kayaks. All of which has led to an in-depth knowledge of instruction/guiding practices and procedures, strong commitment to quality service, as well as excellent organizational and problem solving skills. He enjoys competing in sprint, sea kayak, slalom, rodeo, marathon canoe and kayak, outrigger, surf ski and wildwater events.

Dates :

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Location : Potomac River

Prerequisites : Class III whitewater skills