Sea Kayaking Indoor Pool Rolling Sessions

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Potomac Paddlesports is pleased to offer sea kayaking indoor pool sessions! Our 300' pool is located at the Audrey Moore Rec Center in Annandale, Virginia. Our ACA/BCU certified instructors are mature, professional kayaking EXPERTS that are highly experienced in the art of teaching the kayak roll and other rescue skills. Our proprietary teaching progression is in a class by itself and really breaks the roll down into separate steps you can understand and execute more quickly. In addition to expert instruction, you'll also get to meet other great paddlers! Make sure your kayak is properly outfitted! Don't want to drive to Virginia? Our students come to our pool from as far as Baltimore, Richmond, the Eastern Shore and Ohio. Why? Because we offer the best instruction in an amazing facility. We promise to make it worth your while!

Sea Kayaking Indoor Pool Rolling Session

Are you an experienced kayaker just looking for some pool time and perhaps a new paddling buddy? Or are you just wanting to finally get that roll down in a comfortable, warm environment? Our Indoor Pool Session offers you 2 hours of pool time plus quality instruction in our awesome 300' heated pool! Practice on your own or learn from our top-notch instructors, it's up to you! Tune up your roll and keep your skills sharp!
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