Sea Kayak Mentor Program

Assist with sea kayak lessons while you learn what it takes to teach and lead others.
No Fee


Interested in becoming a sea kayak instructor? Want to simply improve your ability to help other paddlers? Enroll in Potomac Paddlesports' mentor program and assist our top instructors as they teach a wide variety of courses. You'll learn valuable teaching tricks and techniques, plus get hands-on experience as you work with students. Think of it as a step in between being a student and being an instructor. Highly recommended for anyone considering instructor certification. Contact us and we can discuss your interests and goals!

Phone: 301.881.2628

Be Prepared!

Below are some products that we frequently recom-mend to our intermediate sea kayaking students. Have a look, and if there's anything else you need to make sure you're ready for your sessions on the water, we've got a ton of gear over in our online store! Check it out!

Sea Specs

Barrel Float

P&H Capella 160
$1299 (Used)

Gift Cards
$25 to $500